Learn about the Team at City of Durham, including our CFO, Treasurer, and Debt Administrator.
Photo of Tim Flora

Tim Flora

(919) 560-4455

Tim Flora is the Chief Financial Officer of the City of Durham. He has over 20 years of government experience including 15 years with North Carolina county and municipal governments. In addition to his experience in local government, his 30-year career includes time in the Federal government, a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, and public accounting. A CPA and Certified Internal Auditor, Tim has two master degrees, one in Public Administration and another in Accounting.

Photo of Mindy Taylor

Mindy Taylor

(919) 560-4511 ext: 18230

Mindy Taylor is the Treasurer and a Deputy Finance Officer for the City of Durham. She has nine years of experience in North Carolina municipal finance and has served the City of Durham since 2017. Mindy leads the divisions that manage the City’s debt and investment portfolios, banking relationships, and general billing and collections. Mindy holds a Master of Public Administration from North Carolina State University and represents the City on the North Carolina Investment Pool (NCIP) Board of Trustees.

Photo of John Rees

John Rees

Debt Administrator
(919) 560-4511 ext: 18276

John Rees is the Debt Administrator for the City of Durham. He has seven years of experience in both public and private sector financial analysis and has served the City of Durham since 2020. John oversees all long-term debt activities, which includes the management of nearly $672 million in outstanding debt, allocation of proceeds, post-issuance compliance, debt budgeting and accounting, as well as rating agency and investor relations. John holds a Master of Public Policy from Duke University.