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GO Bonds Outstanding (as of 06/30/2022)


City Budget (as of 07/01/2022)
$568.9 million

About City of Durham

Durham’s official birthday is April 26, 1853, when the U.S. Post office was established. Durham was incorporated on April 10, 1869 and from its official birth date until today, it has grown from a small village of less than 100 people into the one of the largest cities in North Carolina. Durham was nicknamed the “Bull City” in the late 1800s when the Blackwell Tobacco Company named its product “Bull” Durham Tobacco.

Durham was historically a banking and tobacco center and although both industries have continued to flourish, the City has also drawn many other industries to our area. Between 1900 and 1925, two famous educational institutions were founded, North Carolina Central University and Duke University. These institutions have established Durham as a city of high academic acclaim. With the birth of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in the 1950s, Durham began to take on a new look that has evolved this community into a global center for information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medicine. The City of Durham is also known as the “City of Medicine,” with healthcare as a major industry including more than 300 medical and health-related companies and medical practices.

Durham's credit position is excellent. As one of only 44 cities nationwide to receive the top level triple-A credit rating from all three major national bond rating agencies (Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch), Durham is one of the highest rated public entities in the country.

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